Why Opt for Green Demolition?

Posted on: 4 November 2015

These days, there is a lot of emphasis to improve the efficiency and sustainability of construction demolition. Green demolition is a demolition service, which is increasingly sought after by several construction clients today. The benefits associated with green demolition are many, but generally oscillate around the following principal aims:

Minimisation of demolition waste

A major disadvantage attributed to many traditional demolition projects is that a significant percentage of the total demolition materials usually ends up in landfills as waste. Overflowing landfills demand more land space over time. Green demolition projects specifically centre on identifying and establishing realistic metrics to maximise on reuse and recycling of demolition materials, in turn, minimising generation of waste.

Many building items can be salvaged for reuse with little or minimal effort. Green demolition contractors can also improve the reuse potential of building components by identifying recycling businesses in the local area prior to scheduled demolition projects.

Curbing environmental devastation

When you want to pull down a structure, whether partially or fully, there are a lot of environmental risks involved. Green demolition work will be instrumental in the reduction of toxic airborne emissions, water quality degradation, sedimentation, and soil erosion while allowing for proper removal of hazardous building substances such as mercury, lead paint, asbestos, refrigerants, etc.

The use of fuel-powered demolition equipment is associated with the release of carbon and some other harmful greenhouse gases, which can impact adversely on the environment. Green demolition contractors often come up with ways to cut down on usage of non-renewable fossil fuel equipment while maximising on utilisation of renewable sources of energy such as wind power and heat from the sun. This reduces the alarming rate at which non-renewable sources of energy are depleting.

Reduce bad social impacts

The noise, traffic snarl up, destroyed vegetation, polluted streams, and many other undesirable social impacts of conventional demolition jobs are usually disruptive of the natural environment and can affect communities adversely. Green demolition projects are designed to minimise annoying noise, enhance traffic flow, control rainwater runoff, and even clean up the demolition site for restorative purposes.

Thus, green demolition projects can help preserve indigenous vegetation and restore demolition sites to with the full participation of community members. Going green can add to the welfare of people in an invaluable way, e.g. good health due to improved air quality.

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