• Why Opt for Green Demolition?

    These days, there is a lot of emphasis to improve the efficiency and sustainability of construction demolition. Green demolition is a demolition service, which is increasingly sought after by several construction clients today. The benefits associated with green demolition are many, but generally oscillate around the following principal aims: Minimisation of demolition waste A major disadvantage attributed to many traditional demolition projects is that a significant percentage of the total demolition materials usually ends up in landfills as waste.
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  • What to think about regarding different methods when hiring a construction surveyor

    Construction surveyors use a variety of different methods to survey a construction site or a building. One of the newer methods of surveying is to use a 3D laser scanner. If you're going to hire a construction surveyor to survey your project, it might be good to know what hiring a surveyor using a 3D laser scanner means. Comparing it to other commonly used methods might give you an idea how the surveying of your project is conducted and why hiring a surveyor using 3D scanning methods might be an advantage to your project.
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